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Continental Discount House

FDH Bank Limited


First Merchant Bank


Malawi Savings Bank

Institute of Bankers in Malawi

Malawi Stock Exchange

Ministry of Finance

NBS Bank Limited

National Bank of Malawi


Old Mutual

Privatisation Commission of Malawi

Opportunity Bank of Malawi

Reserve Bank of Malawi

Standard Bank

Victoria Forex Bureau

Stock Brokers Malawi Limited

Western Union

Reserve Bank of Malawi

Opportunity Bank Malawi

Institute of Bankers in Malawi

International Commercial Bank Ltd Malawi

Trade and Industry

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

malawi stock exchange

Malawi Stock Exchange
The Malawi Stock exchange (MSE), has been in existence since 1994. Invest now on the Malawi Stock Market.
malawi revenue authority

Malawi Revenue Authority
Pay taxes. Build your nation. Join the civilised society. Pay your taxes voluntarily.

Economic Planning & Investments

Malawi Economic Justice Network
is a coalition of more than 100 civil society organizations,
which have activities in the field of economic governance.
Malawi Investment Promotion Agency
aims to promote, attract, encourage, facilitate
& support local and foreign investment

International Finance Solutions

International Monetary Fund in Malawi

World Bank in Malawi

IMF - Malawi

Fostering monetary cooperation kuno ku Malawi

The World Trade Organisation

COMESA - Malawi
Regional economic community initiative

Ministry of Finance
Malawi Government's Ministry of finance

The World Bank

A vital source of financial and technical assistance

SADC - Malawi

Developing Malawi's private sector

Economic Projections

Ministry of Finance & economic planning

Malawi Micro-Finance Network

Developing Malawi's private sector

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